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Veteran’s Kit


Before Ordering Kit

Please note, some kit items are restricted for sale to current members of the RCMP Veterans Association.  If you are a current member of the Association, or plan to be, to order kit, FIRST, contact your Division Membership Coordinator to advise him/her you plan to purchase kit.  Your Division Membership Coordinator will contact the Gift Shop Manager “certifying your membership” purchasing status.  

Look to the RCMP Gift Shop

The RCMP Gift Shop in Edmonton, AB can provide everything you need and more, to properly complete the Order of Dress.  The list below depicts the necessary selection of Veteran’s kit items.  

Veteran’s Kit Products & SKU’s:

  • VE002 – Red Serge Fabric for Blazer $60.00 (Restricted Purchase)
  • VE003 – 17mm Blazer Buttons $2.00 EA (Restricted Purchase)
  • VE004 – 19mm Blazer Buttons $2.00 EA (Restricted Purchase)
  • VE009G – Wedge Cap (sizes from 6 ¾ to 8) $90.00 EA (Restricted Purchase)
  • VE008 – Cap Badge $19.00 EA (Restricted Purchase)
  • GU003 – Bullion Crest, Vets $30.00 EA (Restricted Purchase)
  • VE006 – Vets’ Crest Window Decals (cling-style) $5.00 EA
  • VE011 – Black Web Belt (with Crest on clasp) $16.00 E
  • PM004 – Tie Bar with Crest $8.00 EA
  • PM999 – Vets’ Crest Lapel Pin $3.00 EA
  • MR001 – National Memorial Ribbon $5.50 EA
  • LS001 – Tartan Tie $36.00 EA
  • LS002 – Tartan Wool Scarf $35.00 EA
  • LS003 – Tartan Bow Tie $40.00 EA
  • LS005 – Tartan Cummerbund $60.00 EA
  • CE037 – Veterans’ Crest Ball Cap $22.00 EA

Be Ready for Any RCMP Event

Make sure you have all you need to appear in the correct Order of Dress for any RCMP or Association event Canada.  For your convenience, the RCMP Gift Shop has a functional arrangement with Derks Menswear, Uniform Division (123 Cree Road, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 3X9. ph: 1(800)565-6664), to tailor our Blazers for RCMP Veterans’ across Canada. Call the RCMP Gift Shop at 780.412.5572 to purchase your fabric, buttons and Bullion Crest.  Use the attached Derks Order Form to record your measurements.

For further assistance ordering kit items or information on our selection of Canadiana souvenirs, please contact us at the Gift Shop directly, to obtain additional details. The DERKS form is for the tailoring of your new RCMP Veterans Association blazer.  

DERKS Red Blazer Tailoring Order Form