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Valiant Journey


The image Pat has chosen is of a pair of well worn High Browns with a Stetson perched on one boot.  Members would do this to protect the Stetson brim of this iconic hat.  The High Browns are made of stiff leather which with will easily support the weight of the Stetson. These High Browns are from days past.  The spurs seen here are the long shank spurs used for actual horse riding which are no longer issued in favour of the ceremonial style of spur today.


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Dimensions: 11 3/4″ x 14 1/2″  Image 5″ x 7″

Pat Deputat was born in a small northeastern Alberta town and spent her childhood in a rural community. She received her formal education in Edmonton, graduating High School and went on to complete a full Government career.

Feeling the need to pursue her artistic interests, during her employment, she enrolled in art classes under the direction of Ann Derhak, a Strathcona County artist. She acquired good drawing techniques and gained knowledge of the basic structural principles of oil painting.

Her quest to further improve her techniques and expand her knowledge in oils became a reality when she joined the Pro’s Art School in January 2001. Painting with a group of artists under the tutorial guidance of instructor and renowned artist, Gene Prokop, she continues to learn different styles and techniques of the Old and Modern Masters.

Most of her paintings are inspired from the appealing aspects of her real-life experiences. Her style has progressed toward classical realism and naturalism. With good composition, strong values and appealing subject matter, she tries to create and capture a mood or feeling on canvas to share with her viewers.

Pat holds a Homecrafters License/Contract with the RCMP Foundation.