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The Spirit of the Force


A more peaceful scene couldn’t be captured on a cold winters night in Regina, Saskatchewan.  The image is a view from the middle of the small parade square at RCMP Depot, looking towards the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Chapel on the south end of the square.  It is a clear, still and cold full moon night.  The shadows cast from the evergreen trees can been seen reaching out into the parade square.  “C” block is dark in the background with all the recruits asleep in their beds.

The artwork has a wooden frame with appropriate hanging hardware included.  This double matted piece represents the attention to detail applied to the importance of this great artwork.

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Dimensions: 10″ x 14″

Born in Big River, Saskatchewan, Glen was instilled with a reverence for the serene beauty of the North at an early age. At 12, he first started oil painting and has continued in various mediums since then. In his early 20s, he moved even further north to Reindeer Lake and a place called Co-op Point, where he managed a Co-op store for several years. The store wasn’t open that many hours during the day in the long winter months, so Glen painted more and more. At first he liked to do portraits, but then he was drawn to sunrises, sunsets and animals. In 1985, he displayed some of his paintings in the store, and people bought them faster than he could paint them. Back then he sold his works for $100 each and soon he had commissioned orders pouring in. It was then that he decided to give up his career as a store manager and pursue his dream of making a living as an artist.In the past few years Glen has suffered with intense back pain and undergone a few operations. Because of this he has slowed down considerably which includes him selling his Duck Lake Gallery which is now a RCMP museum/gift store as well as closing his Saskatoon Retail Store in 2016. Glen’s work can be found at outlets throughout Saskatchewan which are listed on his website.

Glen and his wife Zorka now reside near of Duck Lake on their acreage and Glen continues to paint but is only able to produce a couple larger pieces per year.