First Day – Drill


And the saga begins! The first day for an instructor is a lesson in futility when the task is to get thirty two people from all different walks of life and cultures to work together as one unit. From the recruits perspective, total confusion. Learning the nuances of your troop mates is one thing, but also a person who has taken the place of your mother and father and is there to morally break you down, only to build you up to bear the responsibility of the protection of your country.  Daunting days!

The artwork has a wooden frame with appropriate hanging hardware included.  This double matted piece represents the attention to detail applied to the importance of this great artwork.

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I developed an early interest in creating artwork. I knew that this was something I would pursue. I have graduated from Grant MacEwan University with a Graphic Design diploma. I took oil painting classes for two years and I have worked in the print industry for over 20 years. Fine art is my passion. I hope it brings enjoyment to others like it does me.