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Collection of RCMP Sketches

This black & white work of art named “Collection of RCMP Sketches” contains two works by Todd Gray. The top image of a child’s wooden riding hose amongst pieces of well worn RCMP uniform, with a small child sleeping on the shabrack is named “A Hard Days Ride”.

Below is another Todd Gray black & white image called “Inspirations” which is of a child wearing an adults Red Serge and Stetson holding the leash of his Shepard puppy obviously emulating an RCMP dogman who is standing in front of the child with his service dog at the ready.

The artwork has a wooden frame with appropriate hanging hardware included.  This double matted piece with pewter RCMP Crest above the print represents the attention to detail applied to the importance of this great artwork.

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Dimensions: 12″ x 18″

Todd was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and much of his artistic influence came from his parents. Todd joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1988 and has spent three years on the RCMP musical ride which much of his subject matter revolves around. Todd would like to extend his scope of subject to include wildlife painting and more western themes. The prints shown on the web site are in many private and public collections.