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Permit Rules


Member:  refers to an Active Member or Associate Member in good standing (Dues Paid) of the Edmonton Division of the RCMP Veterans’ Association.

Immediate Family:  refers to the parents, spouse/life partner, children, stepchildren, grand parents, grand children, and siblings of a Member.

PERMIT:  is used as a short form reference for the subject of this policy, The Hospital Parking PERMIT.

Rules of Use:  Policy is used to describe to the member their responsibilities for taking possession of the PERMIT.

PERMIT Log:  A document indicating the member who is issuing the PERMIT and to whom each of the PERMIT was issued to.  It also records the members acknowledgement of user responsibilities while in possession of a parking PERMIT.

Swipe PERMIT’s are used to open gates at parkades for a single vehicle only. Eg: For Entry and departure of one vehicle.  If the PERMIT is used for a second vehicle, without the first vehicle exiting, the card will be automatically suspended. The member is then financially accountable to the Division to return the card to its operational status.

Hanging PERMIT are used for designated parking that do not have gate control. Refer to parking maps for authorized parking lot locations.

  • PERMIT’s will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.
  • PERMIT’s will be issued one (1) to a household, unless extenuating circumstances exist that warrant issuance of a second PERMIT. (Eg: Spouses attending two different medical facilities at the same time.) The Issuer will document the rationale for issuing a second PERMIT. Should the Issuer need guidance concerning the issuance of a second PERMIT, they should contact the Parking PERMIT Co-Ordinator for guidance.
  • PERMIT’s are the property of the Edmonton Division of the RCMP Veterans’ Association for the sole use of Edmonton Division RCMP Veterans’ Association Members, and their immediate family when visiting a Member of the Association.
  • PERMIT’s shall not be loaned to other persons, that are not listed in definition of – immediate family.
  • A member that is issued a parking PERMIT acknowledges and accepts the Division’s Parking PERMIT Policy which includes the Rules of Use. A PERMIT shall not be issued unless the member accepts the “Rules of Use” policy.
  • Once acquired through the Issuer, the member agrees to personal accountability for the use of the PERMIT and accepts all liabilities occurring from the PERMIT use.
  • The PERMIT can be used for short-term or long-term visitation or appointments, at a medical facility or hospital.
  • Loss of a PERMIT shall be reported immediately to the person issuing the PERMIT. The person who lost the PERMIT shall be financially responsible for replacement of the PERMIT.  (2019 – $200.00)
  • The user, while in possession of a PERMIT is responsible and accountable for any parking tickets, physical damages occurring from the use of the PERMIT.
  • The member acknowledges the Edmonton RCMP Veterans’ Association is not responsible for any liabilities, loss, damages, or injuries, as a result of the use of the parking PERMIT.
  • The PERMIT must be returned to the point of distribution immediately upon completion of its use.