The RCMP Gift Shop Welcomes You!

A New Website Name

To modernize our website presence, the new RCMPGiftShop.CA has been created for you.   Almost 20 years ago, the Edmonton Division of the RCMP Veterans’ Association opened its first retail outlet called the “RCMP Canteen”.   Our retail outlet was provided with its first but limited website presence.   Our retail outlet is still located in the RCMP K Division headquarters building, 11140 109th Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5G-2T4 with improved public access and is corporately identified as the Edmonton RCMP Veterans’ Gift Shop.  We are proud to be “product licensed” by the RCMP Foundation.

Our Community & Veterans

The RCMP Gift Shop is an extension of our local not-for-profit association.  All sales profits help to support charitable community programs, organizations and events where possible.  RCMP Veterans, Military Veterans and Regular Members alike, who are in significant need of special assistance, are also included.  For the past five years, our limited Christmas Hamper program has assisted our local area RCMP Detachments give back to their community families who they know to be in need at this time of year.  Each year possible, we provide financial assistance to Valour Place.  (Valour Place is a temporary home away from home for all Canadian Forces members; RCMP members and Veterans; Families of the Fallen;  First Responders; and their families, who require medical treatment/rehabilitation in Edmonton, and live outside the city/area.)  The Edmonton Division has also supported Community Policing Initiatives, charity runs, walks and sporting events.  As you can see, purchase proceeds from the RCMP Gift Shop do more than you would ever expect.  Help us help those less fortunate.

Edmonton Area Vets

Joining the RCMP is a personal lifestyle choice generally made by Canadians who identify closely with supporting and growing their communities.  As RCMP Veterans, their lifestyle choice sometimes carries forward into retirement to the benefit of all Canadians.  They continue to engage in support of their communities, to help others.  The new Gift Shop website is an opportunity that allows us to boost our choice in a purposeful way.

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